An annual firm retreat was a tradition in the early years of KZEL! From left to right: Marvin, Danny and Perry.

Here, a young Larry Kahn accepts his Christmas present - at our annual Christmas party, it was common for one of the lawyers to dress up as Santa!

Perry was being harassed to take some photos of lawyers in the office when all he wanted to do is work. Things have not changed!

Our History

KZEL started in Richmond, BC by Larry Kahn and Danny Zack. Joined shortly thereafter by Perry and then Marvin in 1980. We believe in providing high-quality services and excellent client care for all clients from individuals to large companies and everything in between. We want to continue to serve clients in Richmond and beyond, and to show that there are highly skilled and experienced lawyers outside of downtown Vancouver.

Throughout the years, KZEL has been proudly supporting our community and local events. Our actions reflect our values, and our lawyers have volunteered in numerous events, charities, and pro bono initiatives. They have also been involved in various subsections of CBA and CBABC as well as (teaching or preparing material?) for the Law Society of BC’s bar admissions course.KZEL has been a sponsor of the Jewish Family Services Association and has sponsored golf tournaments put on by various charities - including ELS for Autism - as well as the Metro Vancouver Paws for a Cause event for the BC SPCA.

It Happened in 1980

Rosa Becker at Franklin-Centre.

Pettkus v Becker [1980] 2 S.C.R. 834 was a landmark family law decision of the Supreme Court of Canada. The Court established a new formulation of the constructive trust as a remedy for unjust enrichment based on the ideas of Professor Donovan Waters, and in particular the requirements for such constructive trust in a common law relationship separation. The Pettkus formulation of constructive trust was subsequently adopted elsewhere in the common law world.

Governor-General Ed Schreyer prepares to sign the proclamation making O Canada the national anthem.

O Canada was 100 years old and familiar to Canadians but wasn't the official anthem until 1980. On July 1, 1980, the country's best-known patriotic song, had finally become its official national anthem.

Terry Fox running with one leg having been amputated due to cancer.

On April 12, Terry Fox begins his Marathon of Hope, a plan to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research, setting off from St. Johns, Newfoundland and running westward.

Doctor Jacques-Émile Rioux.

In 1980, Rioux and Lambert established the first Canadian IVF clinic at the CHUL (University of Laval Hospital) in Laval, Quebec.

Robert ‘Ted’ Turner, founder of CNN.

On June 1, the first 24-hour news channel, Cable News Network (CNN) is launched.

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

On June 23, Tim Berners-Lee begins work on ENQUIRE, the system that will eventually lead to the creation of the World Wide Web in autumn 1990.