Wills, Estates & Trusts

We advise our clients in the areas of estate and incapacity planning and estate administration. We work closely with our clients’ tax advisors and other professional advisors to ensure that we deliver tax-efficient results that are consistent with our clients’ financial objectives and personal needs in their legacy planning. 

We also regularly assist family-owned private companies and individuals with implementing corporate restructuring to achieve their succession and tax-planning goals. 

We advise on various estate and incapacity planning matters as well as estate matters, which include:

  • preparing wills, powers of attorney and representation agreements;
  • implementing alter ego trusts, joint spousal or partner trusts and family trusts;
  • implementing corporate reorganizations related to estate planning;
  • assisting with estate administration, including applications for probate or grants of administration on intestacy;
  • advising trustees on trust administration and their legal duties;
  • advising beneficiaries regarding estate accounts and their rights as beneficiaries; and
  • preparing inter vivos transfers and bequests, including gift letters, deeds and transfers of real property into joint tenancy.
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